Short Shorts

These short stories span many genres. Some have morals, some just make you think. Some make you happy, and some make you sad. But all can be read in one sitting!

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Short Shorts


A short story is a complete story that is much shorter than a novel. Some short stories are many pages long, but other short stories are very, very short! Consider Ernest Hemingway's famous short story in six words:

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

Other popular short story challenges include writing a short story in exactly 50 or exactly 100 words, writing a story without using the letter 'e' (or 'a' or 'i' or 't' or any other letter), and the ever-popular "write a short story beginning with the following sentence...".

Short stories can come in all genres. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Flannery O'Connor, and Edgar Allen Poe are all famous for their spooky and unsettling short stories. David Sedaris is famous for his off-beat and humorous short stories. Salman Rushdie is famous for his fantastical, fairy-tale-like stories. There are many famous female short story writers, including Margaret Atwood and Jumpha Lahiri.

Here is a Wikipedia list of more short story authors for you to explore!

Our short stories were submitted by SmartGirls like you. You may submit your short stories, too! Try your hand at a short story challenge like the ones listed above or make up your own challenge. Keep practicing until you find your favorite style!

Short stories are a great way to keep your mind creative and flexible. You can submit as many short stories as you would like! Check our FacebookFacebook or Twitter: smartgirlorgTwitter to see when we add new Short Stories.

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