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Is it ever too early to start dating? How long do you have to know someone before you date? Is there anything you should know about yourself, others, or the world before you start dating? Would you go behind your family's back to date someone? Is it a good thing or a bad thing if your parents like the person you are dating? Is it more important to stay true to yourself or to compromise when you are in a relationship? How do you balance dating and friends?

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Former SoapBox Topics:


Should anyone be allowed to own a gun, or should all guns be banned? Who should be able to have a gun? Have you ever seen a real gun? Have you ever used a gun? Should regular people only be allowed certain types of guns? Do you think that letting more people have guns scares criminals and makes us safer? Or does easy access to guns just increase the chance they will be used against fellow humans?


Which is better, television or real life? Do you watch a lot of TV? What's your favorite series, and why? Do you like commercials? Would you rather watch TV silently or do you talk when you watch TV? Do you eat while watching TV? Do you even own a TV? Do you think that television is becoming obsolete because of the internet? Is television bad for you?

3-D Movies

It's the latest trend in special effects. What do you think? Does it add to the movie, or is it distracting? Is it cool, over over-rated? Does it make you feel like you're inside the movie, or does it pull you out of the moment? Is it realistic? Does it matter? Do you prefer 3-D movies to other kinds of movies? Do some movies do 3-D better than others? If you made a movie, would you want it to be 3-D?

Best Friends

Do you have a best friend? Tell us about your best friend! Maybe you have more than one. Why is it that just one never rises to the top? Are there pros and cons to having a best friend? Why might it be better not to have one? When has it really helped you to have a best friend? What do you think are qualities about yourself that help you be the sort of person who can have a best friend?


Do you do chores? What are the chores that you are expected to do? Do you think it's a good thing to have to do chores? If you could pay someone to do your chores for you so that you never had to do them yourself, would you do it? What's your favorite chore? What do you do to make doing chores easier? Do you get a reward for doing chores? If you could make one person in your life have to do your chores for a week, who would it be and why?

Dream Job

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? How long have you known about it? Why do you want to do it? Have you ever talked to your parents or a school counselor about it? Do you think your dream job is something you could realistically do, or do you have a dream job AND a realistic job? If so, why isn't your dream job realistic? What advice would you give to someone who had a dream job, but didn't think they could really do it?


Do you exercise? What's your favorite way to stay in shape? Why do you do it? Is it something you enjoy, something you do because you have to, or something you don't do? If you don't exercise, what would it take to get you to do it? What is one activity that you really wish you could do that would require you to be fit to do? Do you know someone who exercises regularly? What's their reason? If you don't exercise, what do you do instead?

Favorite Food

What's your favorite food? Where do you get it? Do you know how to make it? Why do you like it? What is its texture? What are some of the ingredients? Is it a dinner, a dessert, or something else? Do you eat it on special occasions? Why? When was the first time you ever tasted it? What's one of your best (or worst) memories with this food? Tell us all about your favorite food!


The feminist movement has a long history, and it's still going strong today. What are your impressions of feminism? Would you call yourself a feminist? Why or why not?


Is it always right to tell the truth, and always wrong to tell a lie? Is there such a thing as a little white lie that doesn't hurt anybody? What's the best way to get over a lie that you've told? What's the worst lie you've ever told? Can it be funny to lie? Are there some people that it's OK to lie to and other people who it is not OK to lie to?


Do you believe in love at first sight, or is that just infatuation? What do you think it means to love someone? What does love feel like? Is love different depending on who it is, or is love always the same? Is love the best reason to get married? Is love something to have for everyone, or something to save for just a few special people? What do you think about love? Do you love anyone? Can you love someone you've never talked to before?


Is there such a thing as good luck or bad luck? Are you more of a good luck person or a bad luck person? Do you have a lucky something that you take with you to competitions? How did it become your lucky something? Do you have any other good luck traditions? How much do you really believe in luck? What's better: to be lucky but never know how things will work out, or to work hard but have a good idea where you stand?


The weather and the sunlight change, the holidays and the New Year arrive, the end of the first half of the school year approaches. What are your traditions this season? What do you look forward to? What do you hate about winter? Do you play any special winter sports? Do you have any special plans?


Love 'em or hate 'em, or maybe both: what do your parents mean to you? Do you get along with them? Do you wish you got along better? Do they give you fair rules? Do their rules have you itching to move out and be on your own? Do you like the amount that they are involved in your life? Can you imagine life without them, or with different parents? Got anything else to share about parents?


The new school-year is starting, and that's a lot to think about. You've got new classes, new teachers, new friends, and new enemies. By the time you get through a school-year, sometimes you're glad you actually survived! Looking back on last year, what grade were you in, and what advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in that grade? If you wish someone would have told you just one thing about the school-year you just ended, what would it be? And finally, what kinds of questions and worries do you have about the school-year coming up?

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