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Report on Summer Vacation!

Below you can see how your answers to our survey compared with other SmartGirls.

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About the Survey:

In this survey, we asked SmartGirls to tell us about their usual or unusual summer vacations. We covered topics like activities, travel, camps, summer school, sports, relationships and much more!

About You:

SmartGirls had a lot to say about summer! Approximately 265 of you took this survey. From those 265 SmartGirls, 237 were girls and 14 were boys. It seems like SmartGirls of all ages had something to say about summer vacation. According to Figure A the ages ranged from seven-year-olds to twenty-one-years-old and older! Figure A also shows us that thirteen-year-olds was the largest age group that took this survey. From Figure A can you find which age groups had the least amount of survey-takers?

This chart shows the ages of SmartGirls' who took this survey.

There are different names for siblings in a family. According to our survey there were 106 SmartGirls that are the oldest children, 39 SmartGirls that are the middle children, and 65 SmartGirls that are the youngest children. 31 SmartGirls that took this survey are only children, meaning they don’t have any siblings. Figure B takes these numbers and calculates each category’s percentage displaying them in a pie chart.

Pie Chart of SmartGirls' Birth Order

SmartGirls all over the world took this survey! There were SmartGirls from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Philippines, Germany, India, Romania, Brazil, Scotland, New Zealand, Uruguay, Jamaica, Georgia, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Lebanon, Slovakia, France, Vietnam, Venezuela, Oman, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Cayman Islands, Bangladesh and many more. Have you heard of all of those countries? Do you know where they are all located? Check out this link to see --> World Map

Many SmartGirls also come from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, but the majority of those who took this survey come from European backgrounds [86], followed by African [23], Latin [19] and Multiracial [19], Asian [17], Native American [14], Middle Eastern [5], and finally Pacifica Islander [4]. See Figure C to see all of the different ethnic groups in a pie chart. Can you figure out what racial/ethnic background will have the smallest percentage in the pie chart?

Pie Chart of SmartGirls' Races/Ethnicities

SmartGirls not only come from different nations and backgrounds, they also have different types of homes! Some live in big cities [46], rural areas [18], suburbs [66], or towns [80].

SmartGirls’ Feelings About Summer Vacation

Do MOST SmartGirls prefer summer over every other season? The general answer is YES! Check out Figure D to see how SmartGirls answered, their choices being yes, no, and kind of. Can you estimate about how many SmartGirls said that summer is not their favorite season by looking at Figure D?

Bar chart of best season

We asked SmartGirls if they feel happier during the summertime, and then we asked them if they feel more bored. The answers seem to complement each other. For the first question the majority of SmartGirls [150] answered: Yes, they are happier during the summertime. For the second question the majority of SmartGirls [123] answered: No they do not feel bored in the summer. Therefore it seems like summer truly is the best time of year for our SmartGirls! 91 SmartGirls said they did not know if they feel happier in the summertime while 16 said they were not happier in the summer. 114 SmartGirls said they were kind of bored in the summer and 22 said they were bored all the time during the summer. Look at Figures E and F to see and compare the results for both questions.

Pie chart summer = happinessPie Chart Summer = boredom

Have you ever thought about the best summer location? Well our SmartGirls have and it was a tight vote! 92 SmartGirls said it has to be near water, and 81 said anywhere that is warm. While 71 SmartGirls said the best summer location must be hot and sunny, and only 14 said there was no such thing as the best summer location! Check out Figure G to see the votes put into percentages. Can you guess which category will have the largest pie slice?

Best summer location

Sometimes it seems like some foods taste best during certain seasons. Have you ever come in from a cold day of winter and warmed up with a bowl of soup or cup of hot chocolate? Well we asked SmartGirls what was the best summer food and the majority [129] said: ICE CREAM! The other choices include: BBQ food [59], salad [5], and other [54]. Figure H shows these results in a bar graph.

best summer food

Best Summer Partner:

Who is your ideal summer partner? We asked SmartGirls who they thought was the best summer partner and the majority [225] without surprise chose their best friend! 30 SmartGirls chose their parents!

SmartGirl Summer Activities!

We asked SmartGirls what they would love to do for the summer and then compared it to what they actually spend time doing. The choices included: summer camps, visiting family, staying home, summer school, and traveling. Most SmartGirls [146] would love to travel over their summer, but in reality most SmartGirls [132] end up staying home. Check out Figures I and J to see how many SmartGirls wanted and actually did each of the other categories! What was the second most desired activity by SmartGirls? What activity did SmartGirls do the least in their summertime?

Ideal summer activitiesReal summer activities

Sometimes the activities we choose are picked by other people like our parents. We asked SmartGirls if their parents control their summer activities and surprisingly the majority [146] said not really. 55 SmartGirls said yes their parents do choose their summer activities and another 55 said their parents don’t at all.

In some places the weather during summertime is very nice! Do SmartGirls exercise more during the summer? 118 SmartGirls said yes they exercise more, while 102 say they keep their exercise routine the same, and finally 36 SmartGirls don’t even exercise!

Family & Travel:

Earlier in this report we learned that SmartGirls would rather hang out with their best friend than their parents during the summer. Who blames them? But now we want to know if SmartGirls can have fun with their family during the summer? 123 SmartGirls said they sometimes have fun with their family during the summer, while 104 SmartGirls said they ALWAYS have family fun and finally 28 SmartGirls said it was impossible to have fun with their family! Check out Figure K to see a pie chart of SmartGirls feelings towards family fun.

Family fun

Sometimes family can live in different places and what better time than summer to visit them? We asked SmartGirls how many of them visit with family during summer. 175 SmartGirls said they sometimes visit, 42 said they definitely visit, and 38 said they do not visit family during the summer. Figure L is a bar chart. Can you estimate about how many SmartGirls answered this question from the results?

Visit family

From this survey we learned that a lot of SmartGirls would love to travel during the summer and there are some that do, but who do SmartGirls travel with? 55 SmartGirls said they always travel with friends compared with 38 SmartGirls who said they always travel with their family. 77 Other SmartGirls said they sometimes travel with friends compared with 147 SmartGirls who said they sometimes travel with family. An additional 125 SmartGirls said they do not travel with friends compared with 72 SmartGirls who said they do not travel with family. Check out Figures M and N to compare SmartGirls response to who they travel with.

Travel with friendsTravel with family

How many of you would be able to leave your home for the whole summer!? 72 SmartGirls said they could definitely do it without a problem! 119 SmartGirls said they would be able to if they had to. 67 SmartGirls said they could not and would not leave their home for an entire summer.

Have you ever left your country? How about in the summer? 140 SmartGirls said they do not leave their country, 52 said they rarely leave, 37 said they sometimes leave, whereas 29 SmartGirls said they usually leave their country during the summer. Look at Figure O. Can you tell me which category has the shortest bar and why?

Leave the country

Summer Camps!

Summer camps are a great way for people to spend a short amount of time away from home during the summer, so we asked SmartGirls if they have ever gone to a summer camp. 133 SmartGirls said yes while 125 SmartGirls said no.

Are these summer camps fun? The majority of SmartGirls [93] said they never been to one, 80 SmartGirls said it depends on the theme of the camp, 45 said definitely yes, and lastly 41 said they do not like summer camps. Check out Figure P to see a chart of these results. Before you look at the chart can you tell which category will have the longest bar? How about the shortest?

Like summer camps

Educational Summer?

There are lots of programs to get involved with during the summer. Are SmartGirls involved in educational summer programs? Well the survey says that the majority of SmartGirls [146] answered no, but 71 SmartGirls did say yes they were involved in educational programs during the summer. 40 SmartGirls remain unsure. Figure Q is a pie chart that shows SmartGirls answers in percentages. Do you know how we convert the responses from the survey into percentages?

Involved in a summer program

One well known educational summer program is summer school. So we asked SmartGirls if they have ever gone to summer school. Most SmartGirls [197] had never attended summer school and 62 have. These results can be seen in Figure R. A correlation we found when looking at this survey’s results was that the older a SmartGirl is the more likely she would’ve gone to summer school. Summer school attendance seems to increase as school gets harder, which makes sense when you think about it. Check out Figure S to see this correlation.

Gone to summer schoolSummer school versus age

The whole point to going to educational programs in the summer is to learn right? Well do SmartGirls feel like they learn a lot in summer school? Well from the graph above we learned that most SmartGirls [171] have never gone to summer school and that is what they also responded in this question. Of those that did attend summer school the next largest category of SmartGirls [47] sadly replied no while 24 SmartGirls said they learned a lot. Figure T shows these results.

learning in summer school

Next, we wanted to know of those SmartGirls that went to summer school did they like it? 138 SmartGirls said no not at all, followed by 49 who said kind of, and lastly 22 who said definitely. Look at Figure U to see a bar chart that shows these results.

Like summer school

With the majority of SmartGirls never attending summer school as well as those who do not like it, it seems you can almost predict the results to our next question: Would SmartGirls want to go to summer school again? Yep you guessed it most SmartGirls [134] said they don’t know because they have never been. The next largest group [72] said definitely not, followed by 20 SmartGirls who said they guess they would, and finally 13 who said definitely yes.

Summer Sports!

In most places the weather during summer is great to be outside. So how do SmartGirls feel about summer sports? 117 SmartGirls said they play a few sports during the summer, followed by 91 SmartGirls who said they don’t play sports, and lastly 48 SmartGirls who said they’re crazy about summer sports! Before looking at Figure V can you tell which category will have the highest bar?

Summer Sports

Surprisingly though most SmartGirls [144] are not involved in a summer sports program, while 84 said yes they are involved, and 28 SmartGirls were unsure.

Summer Relationships

In most places students get out of school for the summer. So we asked SmartGirls how many of you keep in touch with your “school friends”. 132 SmartGirls said they keep in touch with some of their school friends, well 103 definitely do, and 24 said they do not.


What about new friends? Well the survey says most SmartGirls [103] do not make new long lasting friendships during the summer. 65 SmartGirls said sometimes they make new friends, followed by 54 SmartGirls who said they make acquaintances, and lastly 36 who said yes they do. This next summer SmartGirls should make it a goal to go out and meet new people. It might be scary or intimidating to meet new people, but you never know who could be your next best friend or just someone fun to hang out with! Figure X shows these results.

New Summer Friends

Now for the juicy information: summer romances! Do SmartGirls want summer relationships or do they purposefully stay/become single when it’s summertime? Most SmartGirls [106] said nope no serious summer relationships, 77 said summer relationships weren’t really common, while 50 said they wanted a summer fling, and lastly 23 SmartGirls said they wanted a serious summer relationship. Figure Y shows this information.

From that information it seems that most SmartGirls would want to be single for the summer, so we asked them if they would ever break up with their significant other to be single and mingle during the summertime. Surprisingly 148 SmartGirls said they would NEVER do that! 88 SmartGirls said they have never been in a relationship to break up, and 21 said they would definitely break up! Check out Figure Z to see these results.

summer romanceSingle

Next Summer…

So with all this talk about summer vacations who’s excited for next summer??? Well 155 SmartGirls said they CAN’T WAIT! 67 SmartGirls said they are kind of excited, while 24 said they don’t know, and lastly a mere 9 SmartGirls said they weren’t excited. Figure AA shows these results in percentages. Can you name the type of chart Figure AA shows?

excited for next summer

With all the excitement for summer, when do SmartGirls usually start planning for summer? 125 SmartGirls said they don’t need to plan for summer they usually just go with the flow! 73 SmartGirls said they start planning for summer during the springtime, while 36 SmartGirls get an early start during the winter, and 22 start planning right after the last summer ends! Check out Figure BB.

Next summer

Also speaking of next summer, we asked SmartGirls if they were planning on leaving the country or going to a summer camp. 101 SmartGirls said no they will not be leaving the country, 92 were unsure, and 62 said they definitely were. In addition, 165 SmartGirls said they were not going to a summer camp, while 55 said maybe, and 34 said they were going for sure.


SmartGirls’ Thoughts:

During this part of the survey we gave SmartGirls a chance to speak their minds! We received so many great responses and decided to post few of their answers:

If I could change one thing from last summer, I would...

  • See my friends more.
  • Make it less busy so I can relax and just enjoy my time!
  • Get more active and do fun stuff.
  • Try to travel more.
  • Get a job!

The best day of summer was when I...

  • Hosted a party and invited ALL my friends!
  • Told my crush I liked him.
  • Made a movie.
  • Met a cute boy.
  • Learned to surf!
  • Read all day at the library.
  • Went to the BEST concert ever!!!
  • Rode a rollercoaster for the first time.

Next summer I plan to...

  • Go to many fun places.
  • Swim ALL the time.
  • Read and write!
  • Do volunteer work.
  • Hang out with friends.
  • Finally figure out my summer plans!
  • Eat LOTS of ice cream.
  • Get active with sports.
  • Just have fun, fun, fun!!!

Summer is a great time to meet new people, try new things, learn skills, and visit exciting places. Do not just let your summer pass by this year. There are plenty of things to do and I am sure your parents or friends are sick of hearing I am bored, there is nothing to do! So go outside, volunteer, or even do something educational. Just DO SOMETHING! I promise you will not regret it. Have a wonderful and meaningful summer!

Thank you for taking our survey "Summer Vacation" and sharing your thoughts!

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