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SmartGirls On Videogames

Research shows that just as many girls are playing videogames as boys, but for some reason, popular culture still considers videogames to be a boy's toy. Are they a boy's toy? Tell us how much you play and what you like to play so this survey can set the record straight!

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1. How many hours do you spend each week playing videogames?

2. How long do you usually spend playing a videogame in one sitting?

3. Which gaming consoles, PCs, or handheld/mobile devices do you play games on the most?

4. How many different videogames have you ever played?

5. What is one of your favorite videogames of all time?

6. What is one of your favorite videogames to play right now?

7. What's your favorite type of videogame?

8. Why is that your favorite type of game?

9. What is your least favorite type of videogame?

10. Why is that your least favorite type of game?

11. Do you prefer to play alone or with friends?

12. Do you think it is important for human videogame characters to have realistic body types?

13. Would you rather play a game where you get to design your own avatar or use a premade avatar, like Mario or Lara Croft?

14. Name a videogame whose music you really like:

15. If you could design a videogame about anything you want, what would it be like? Be as descriptive as you want! We'll post the most interesting responses.

16. If you could, would you take a class in video game design?

17. What are your top three favorite parts of videogames?
Pick more than one by holding down "CTRL" while selecting.

18. What is the LEAST interesting part of videogames?

19. Imagine you are playing a game where a tough level or boss is coming up. Do you grind and build up your skills on lower levels or monsters so that you know you'll win the first time? Or do you take the risk and try it right away?

20. Is it important for you to get the best scores or progress to the next level as quickly as possible?

21. How do you feel about getting a Game Over, failing, or dying in a videogame?

It might be interesting.
It would make me feel weird.

23. What's one really good memory you have playing videogames?

24. What's one really bad memory you have playing videogames?

25. Do you play any games online that you want to share with other SmartGirls? Share the URL here:

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