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Do you like pets? Whether you've ever had a pet or not, tell us what you think about them in this survey!

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    Your Current Pet:

  1. Do you currently have a pet?

    (Go on to Question 2)
    (Skip to Question 8)

  2. How long have you had your pet?

  3. What is your pet's name?

  4. Who named your pet?

  5. Can you tell when your pet is happy or sad?

  6. How can you tell?

  7. Does your pet come with you when you go on vacation?

  8. Your Ideal Pet:

  9. If you could have any kind of animal as a pet, what kind would you want?

  10. What would you name it?

  11. What size pet do you prefer?

  12. Why do you prefer that size pet?

  13. Do you like pets best when they're babies or adults?

  14. Would you rather have an indoor pet or an outdoor pet?

  15. Would you let your pet sleep on your bed?

  16. Would you rather have an energetic pet or a calm pet?

  17. Pets in General

  18. If having a pet meant you went on vacation less, would you still do it?

  19. Would you rather have your own pet or share a pet with your family?

  20. Can animals feel (happy, sad, anxiety, depression)?

  21. Is it ever okay to hit a pet?

  22. Do you think it would be funny to feed an animal alcohol?

  23. Do you think animals like being pets?

  24. Why?

  25. Pet Preferences:

  26. Dogs or cats? You have to pick just one!

  27. Would you ever consider raising a dangerous animal like a lion?

  28. Would you ever want a skunk as a pet?

  29. Would you ever consider having 5 cats at the same time?

  30. Would you ever want to train a pet for competitions or shows?

  31. In Conclusion...

  32. What’s the best part about having a pet?

  33. What’s the worst part about having a pet?

  34. If you knew someone who wanted a pet, what advice would you give them?

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