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Food choice is a statement. What you choose to eat and when you choose to eat it says a lot about your beliefs, your culture, your sociability, and more. What does your food say about you?

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  1. Which is your favorite time of day to eat?

  2. What's your favorite food to eat on a typical day?

  3. What's your favorite food to eat on a special occasion?

  4. You are offered a new food you haven't seen before. Do you try it?

  5. What is a food that you tried for the first time this year?

  6. What did you think?

  7. What's the weirdest, most exotic food you have ever had?

  8. Have you ever had to eat something yucky, like codliver oil, as a punishment?

  9. If so, what did you do to deserve it? *optional

  10. What would it take to convince you to eat this Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf with Black Truffle Saffron Macaroni and Cheese?

    bacon-wrapped meatloaf with black truffle saffron macaroni and cheese

  11. Which types of meat do you eat?

  12. Do you know anyone who is vegetarian?

  13. Have you ever considered being vegetarian?

  14. Why or why not?

  15. Do you generally like vegetables?

  16. Do you generally like fruit?

  17. What are some foods/flavors that you do NOT like?

  18. Do you like to cook?

  19. Who first taught you how to cook?

  20. What's the best food you make?

  21. Do you like to watch TV shows about food?

  22. Which one is your favorite?

  23. Are you allergic to any types of food? What?

  24. How do you feel about starchy foods like bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta?

  25. Have you ever tried a special diet?

  26. Which one(s)?

  27. Why?

  28. You're on a date. Who pays for dinnner?

  29. Have you ever ordered the most expensive thing on the menu?

  30. How spicy do you like your food?

  31. Do you play with your food?

  32. Have you ever been in a food fight?

  33. If so, how did it start? How did it end?

  34. Tell us a good food memory (cooking, eating, new, gross, embarrassing, exciting, warm-fuzzy, etc.)!

  35. What is your favorite recipe? *optional
  36. Preferences

  37. Sweet or salty?

  38. Vanilla or chocolate?

  39. Fruit or candy?

  40. Home-cooked or restaurant?

  41. Hot or cold?

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