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"It's fascinating to look at, but you won't find much use for it."

Hogwarts Online

Category: Personal Homepage

Rating: starstarstarGood, but not perfect.

What is the purpose of the site?

For me to connect with my friends from school during the weekends or vacations.

What are the different sections of the site?

It is so big I won't bore you with any more details than this. There are 4 categories: General, Classrooms, Arcade, and Diagon Alley. The general boards consist of the Great Hall, the Forum Policy, Hogsmeade, the Shrieking Shack, and the General Board. Classrooms has the many classes that Hogwarts has in the famed book series and Cysero's Random Unused Classrooms. Arcade is a new category that is coming soon and will have links to a variety of games just for fun. Diagon Alley has shops listed in the Harry Potter book series that the site is based on. It dives much further than that, but like I said, it might start to bore you. It also has a chat room and you can message each other using private messages.

What is your favorite thing about the site?

I created it myself and the fact that it flourished into something like this makes me very proud.

What is your least favorite thing about the site?

Only people I know personally from school can join.

Did you learn anything new on the site? What?


How much time would you spend at this site in one sitting?

10 to 20 minutes.

Were there any technical problems with the site?
e.g. crashed your computer, broken links, no images

It's rather difficult to add an avatar, but otherwise nope.

How often would you visit the site again?

Once a week or even more often.

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I'd say It's worth the time to admire.

by SG Reviewer
Stella Snape, age 12

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