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About SecretBuilders
SecretBuilders is a super-safe virtual community for boys and girls. It's designed for people aged 5 to 14. They're always adding new features, areas, ways to customize, and things to do! First, you pick out a name. Then, you get to pick out the way you look and what you will wear.

There Are Different Ways To Get Around
Control where your avatar goes. As you explore, you can find adventures to go on, people to talk to, and games to play. There are lots of menus and buttons around the screen so that you can also go straight to where you want without walking. Sometimes the game is really slow and you don't want to wait for worlds to load if something you want to visit is a few clicks away, so the menu comes in handy.

You Can Spend A Lot of Time There
There's a learning curve to SecretBuilders, which means that the first time you play, you might feel overwhelmed. There's so much to do, you can't possibly get the hang of it all on the first try. This also means that every time you come back, there will always be something fresh and new to do!

For example, you could spend one sitting wandering around the entire world and chatting with other Builders. You could spend another sitting buying stuff for your house and decorating it. You can spend an entire sitting doing a Quest, where you go on a challenge to win Shills (Builders' money). On most Quests, you look for someone who got lost and you save them.

Another time you could play game after game. Walk around and challenge people you meet to play a multi-player game with you, find games by wandering around and clicking on stuff, or use the Games Menu to jump directly to your favorites.

My Favorite Part
One of my favorite parts of the game was the Quests. In the Quests, you meet famous people from history and characters from popular books. The same characters wander around the world when you're not on a Quest, too. They're not real people, so when you talk to them, they only give back programmed responses. But that's kind of fun, too! When you complete Quests, you get items, Shills, magic spells, and you level up. Quests are an easy way to make sure you have enough Shills to customize your house, buy spells, and visit parts of the world you couldn't get to before.

You Can Be Creative And Give Back
It's clear that SecretBuilders values everyone's creativity. You get the feeling that they want you to do good in the world and that they really think you can do it. They let you suggest new additions to the game and vote on them, submit your creative writing, and even earn money by answering trivia questions. The money goes to important causes, just like on Free Rice, which you can read about in our D.I.G. Files. The SecretBuilders program is called One-For-All. You answer questions about math, vocabulary, or do logic questions. For every answer you get right, SecretBuilders donates some money to an important global cause.

There Are Already Lots of People on SecretBuilders
Watch this video to see some of the things you can do on SecretBuilders. It was made by SecretBuilders (and Jonas Bros.) fans! Look out for stuff in the list below when you watch:

* Go on adventures!

* Customize it!

* Decide what's new!

* Socialize!

Get Started!
Basically, SecretBuilders is safe and fun and they really care about you. Sometimes it's a bit laggy and buggy, but overall it's worth it. You'll learn something without realizing it and do a little bit of good in the world, too! SecretBuilders is our new partner, and you can play right on SmartGirl. We link to SecretBuilders from nearly every page in the Games Toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Just look for the little Construction Hat!

Play SecretBuilders on SmartGirl now, then come back and leave a comment! We hope you like it!

SmartGirl comments:

*****by mapple707, age 10
I HATE Club Penguin because they are sueing SecretBuilders

****by tarika, age 1000
SecretBuilders is awesome. I want a cheerleading outfit, a nice one please, and a few SS

*****by dakota, age 8
Well I just love playing SecretBuilders because it has much more fun things than Moshi Monsters

*****by dr nuzzlefuzzle, age 10
I love it! ClubPenguin is NOTHING compared to it! You can make friends and arrange your house and get like 7 extensions! Club Penguin only lets you have 1 thing! You can have 3 stories in SecretBiulders! My list is endless!!

*****by g_star_1999, age 11
i love iiiit

*****by dogstar33, age 9
It's totally the best but not as good as Club Penguin

***by Anonymous SmartGirl
Secretbuilders is really fun but it would be better if us SecretBuilders won SuperShills. If we could win SuperShills... it would be so awesome!

*****by Rachele, age 11
I like it yea itz cool kinda!

*****by Anonymous SmartGirl

****by asia89, age 10.
I like Secret Builders because we can go anywhere I want to go but i hate to get banned even if you didn't cuss. That's lame. But otherwise, I love it :)

****by Cyrie, age 11.
It's cool!

by lokka_0_O, age 14.
Uhh... well I really like S.B. It's fun and you meet new people. :D hehe...

*****by mysty, age 10.
I'm wondering who those cute girls are who are dating the Jonas Brothers

****by Anonymous SmartGirl, age 10.
How do I talk to people on SecretBuilders? And I rate SecretBuilders fun as a virtual world for kids to have fun!

*****by Angel, age 11.
SecretBuilders is the best because you get to do everything. But brendaliz, people are just mean to you because you are mean.

***by lavender blue, age 13.
This game was okay, but I wouldn't say it is the best virtual world game out there.

*****by Dixie, age 9.
I just love playing Secret Builders! Only just one problem. There should be 10 games that we can play to earn 2000 super shills, but 5000 shills for every game.

*****by judy13, age 13.
I loveee the pets on SecretBuilders, and the dress up games are reaaaally awesome!

*****by lala, age 13.
It's a really fun game for like tweens and early teens and for a little younger kids, too.

****by Maria, age 9.
It's the best game of the world!

*****by brendaliz, age 9.
I like it, it is fun, but some of the other people who play are mean and will try to get you banned when it's not your fault.

by clairehannah, age 13.
nice good and awesome!!!

*****by fishy, age 11.
It is the best!!!!!!!!!

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